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So here's the deal:

Every time I let my link list get away from me, it gets a little more away from me than it did the last time. At first, it wasn't making it out of the yard, and now it's halfway to Tijuana, and I think it took the car. This will not stand. So while I have a usual rule of "five links to a roundup, to keep things from getting vile," this time, I'm doing fifteen links, and I'm doing them behind a cut-tag. Otherwise, you'll be seeing the One Salt Sea reviews hitting the top of the list right around the time Ashes of Honor comes out, and how useful is that?

If you like the review roundups, click away, and if you don't, don't. I'll have a less review-y post in a little bit.


1. Book Sexy Review has posted a review of An Artificial Night, and says, "I love how McGuire continues to play with and reinvent old literary formulas. The first novel, Rosemary and Rue, is a hard-boiled detective novel in the vein of Mickey Spillane and Elmore Leonard. A Local Habitation gives us a who-dun-it that Agatha Christie would have been proud of. And just when I thought I had the author pegged as a closet mystery writer An Artificial Night went off on a totally different tack. It's a textbook example of the hero’s journey (yeah, yeah—thanks to George Lucas I'm sick of hearing about it too), and it doesn't just play lip service to Joseph Campbell." Look, Ma! I'm versatile!

2. Book Series Reviews has also reviewed An Artificial Night (are you starting to see where I lost control of the links?), and says, "The plot was excellent. Better than excellent, it was...stupendously ingenious. It drew from several old mythologies, lots of faerie tales, and even those nonsensical nursery rhymes from childhood. Equal parts horror and fascination, it ties in perfectly with people we've met in earlier books, making the world of Toby come alive, anchoring it into our reality to make it seem even more fantastically real." YAY!

3. Bitten By Books has posted a review of An Artificial Night, and says, "McGuire does not fail to deliver in An Artificial Night. It is action packed from the very first page with a mental punch that keeps you engrossed and leaves you screaming for more." Woo that works for me woo.

4. Annnnnd Fantasy Cafe has posted a review of An Artificial Night, saying, "Each book in the October Daye series is better than the last, and this series has become one of my top three urban fantasies (right after the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews and the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs)." I am happy to keep such company.

5. What's this? A review of something else? Yes! Book Faery has reviewed A Local Habitation, and says, "Unique story, cool characters, and a hot King of Cats; what more could you look for in a book? A Local Habitation is a must read if you're salivating for an urban fantasy read." Works for me.

6. Book Faery has also reviewed An Artificial Night, and says, "I enjoyed An Artificial Night moreso than A Local Habitation. Despite the fact that Tybalt played less of a role in this story, I think I prefer the adventure over mystery. Toby's a bad detective because she's so oblivious to the things that matter. But a hero? A bit dorky, but a huge improvement." I'm getting better! And my heroine's a giant dork!

7. Devin Jeyathurai posted a review of An Artificial Night, and says, "Getting lost in a good book is very comforting, more so when it's a return to a milieu or a story that is so well-developed that it greets you like an old friend. Reading An Artificial Night felt like coming home, hearing once again names that you haven't heard for a while, finding old rules reasserting themselves, walking familiar paths to familiar places, and discovering new things that perhaps you never noticed before." That is the sweetest thing and I want to hug it bunches.

8. Travels Through Iest has posted a review of Rosemary and Rue. It's a good, solid review that doesn't have many good pull quotes; read it yourself, and share the love.

9. Cookies, Books and Bikes has posted a review of A Local Habitation, and says, "I really enjoyed A Local Habitation and found it to be a refreshingly original story with good characters." Works for me.

10. Fantasy Literature has posted a review of An Artificial Night, and says, "The plot is creepy and compelling, and makes probably the best use of faerie lore we've seen yet in the series. The fae realm comes to life in all its beauty, and its horror, and its tricky bargains. I liked A Local Habitation just a bit better personally—I think in part because there was more comic relief—but this is a worthy addition to the series and is almost certainly the best-plotted of the three books so far." I love that different people have different favorites. I know I do.

11. The Writing Spectacle has posted a review of An Artificial Night, and says, "I love these books—as you might be able to tell. The writing is awesome enough to make me jealous as hell, and to also inspire me to reach greater heights with my own writing. The scenes she sets drops me right into where she wants me to be and I love seeing San Francisco through Toby's eyes. Her characters are sympathetic without being wimpy or whiny. Her villains are delicious. And Tybalt—the King of Cats and Toby's frenemy—is drop dead gorgeous and delightfully bad-boy—even when he's saving her life. (I'm rooting for them to get together eventually.)" Isn't everyone?

12. Rena has posted a review of Rosemary and Rue, and says, "I really enjoyed the book, which had a lot of action, and many twists and turns of plot. The mystery aspects of the story are really well done, and have an almost film noir touch to them. The heroine is tough and has a very strong 'voice' to me—I liked her almost immediately."

13. King Magu has posted a review of Rosemary and Rue, and says, "The book was a bit slow at first, but as the action got going, I was hooked. I will be picking up the sequels to this to see if the series stays as good, or hopefully, gets even better." Let's hope it did, huh?

14. What's a review roundup without an LJ review? This review of Feed prevents that question from needing an answer, and was written by [ profile] temporaryworlds, who says, "Feed is a politically charged suspense novel that drew me in in ways I was not expecting. Grant has found a new reader in me, and I will be sure to pick up the rest of this series, as well as sample her works written under the name Seanan McGuire." I love it when my alter-ego shares.

15. Walker of Worlds also posted a review of Feed, and says, "I was taken in to Feed completely and read as much as I could whenever the opportunity arose. Even when I wasn't reading it I was thinking about the story and the world—a sure sign that I'm reading a book that I'm coming to love. While this is the first part in a trilogy it still delivers a solid story and concludes fittingly, but I just can't wait to get to the sequel when it's released. Awarding a perfect score is no more fitting than with Feed." Brilliant!

Cleansing of the file will continue; more to come.

Date: 2011-07-29 03:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I loved both Feed and Deadline, and have just finished the first two Toby Daye books. I loved them all. :)

Thank you so much for such enjoyable stories, and for all your hard work in creating and sharing them.

Date: 2011-07-29 07:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You're very welcome! Thank you!

Date: 2011-08-01 07:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I love the review roundups, and getting them in one big hit is no problem. Whatever's convenient for you. (And if you're just too busy to log absolutely everything, that too is fine. Save those keystrokes and mouseclicks for whatever needs them most. =:o} )

I... I have to confess, I've been unfaithful. To quell my raging hunger for more Toby, I've been turning to a substitute for comfort. It's... it's Bo, from "Lost Girl".

Can I ever be forgiven? ={:o[

Date: 2011-08-02 07:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You can. I wish I could watch Lost Girl, but alas, the similarities mean it's not to be until Toby is done.

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