Jul. 29th, 2011

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So here's the deal:

Every time I let my link list get away from me, it gets a little more away from me than it did the last time. At first, it wasn't making it out of the yard, and now it's halfway to Tijuana, and I think it took the car. This will not stand. So while I have a usual rule of "five links to a roundup, to keep things from getting vile," this time, I'm doing fifteen links, and I'm doing them behind a cut-tag. Otherwise, you'll be seeing the One Salt Sea reviews hitting the top of the list right around the time Ashes of Honor comes out, and how useful is that?

If you like the review roundups, click away, and if you don't, don't. I'll have a less review-y post in a little bit.

Clicky for review goodness and lots of fun! )
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Who wants to win an ARC of One Salt Sea? Good. I'm going to make it easy on you, because I'm feeling mellow that way. To enter...

1. Comment on this entry. Be sure you're commenting on the entry, not on someone else's comment; only comments left on the actual entry will be eligible.
2. Tell me one thing you think will happen (or hope will happen) in One Salt Sea. You don't have to be serious! Make something up if it amuses you. I love me some silliness.
3. Wait.

I will choose a winner, using our old friend, Random Number Generator, on Monday, August 1st. So yes, this is a very short contest, and you should get in while the getting is good.

Game on!

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