Sep. 28th, 2010

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Here is your weekly status on the pre-orders for Wicked Girls, my third studio album (and the official follow-up to Stars Fall Home). For details on the album itself, please check out my albums page, where you can find the track listing, several of our featured performers, and the truly kick-ass cover art. Pre-orders are being sold to pay for duplication and mastering, and the album will not go to press until they have closed.

To place your order, go to:

Pre-orders follow this price scale:

* $18.00 USD: First domestic pre-order.
* $16.00 USD: Second domestic pre-order.

* $20.00 USD: International pre-order.
* $16.00 USD: Second international pre-order.

This is because of the way the mailing costs work. A third CD would cost the same as a first; this assumes that the CDs are being shipped together. So two CDs to the same US address would be $34.00, but two CDs to two different US addresses would be $18.00 each. Hope that's not too confusing.

(Basically, all pre-orders are a base cost of $15.00, plus shipping.)

Since we also need to pay mixing costs, we're taking album sponsors; you can submit sponsorships through the order form. We'll do our best to include all sponsors in the liner notes, although late sponsorships may not be included.

We have sold 186 pre-orders out of a possible 300, meaning that 114 pre-orders remain. Don't miss your chance to pre-order! All pre-order CDs will be signed and numbered.

Questions? Comments? Glee!
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I'm starting to have nightmares about my link list. Anyway...

The Horror Fiction Review has published a review of Feed, and says, "At the risk of seeming disloyal to some of my idols, mentors and all-around awesome cool guys like Brian Keene and Dr. Kim Paffenroth, I am going to go ahead and come right out and say it...Mira Grant's Feed just might be the best damn zombie book I’ve ever read." Well, that's hard to beat, really.

Brutal As Hell has also posted a Feed review, now with bonus profanity (yay!), and says, "Feed is hands-down one of the best zombie novels to be published in a long time, which is saying something extremely special given the volume of zombie literature being published right now. Grant weaves a plot with a substantial amount of twists and turns, never losing the quality of writing, and she is certainly not afraid to go to places most authors wouldn’t even consider. I've read some great books this year, but nothing has left me with such a sense of excitement for future installments or for zombie literature as a whole like Feed has. Mira Grant has certainly captured my attention in a way that no other author, particularly a new author, ever has. Run to your nearest bookstore to get this book immediately. Bring a machete if it makes you feel more comfortable." Dude.

Cookies, Books, and Bikes has posted a Feed review, and says, "I loved this book! I was captured by the story from the first couple of pages and couldn't stop reading until it was done. The action just dragged me right in and kept me reading. The story had enough action interspersed with more mild events keep me reading and waiting for the next big event." That's all I can ask for, really.

Here, let's break things up a little with a new interview of Mira, conducted by the lovely crew at Fanatic Space. With some new questions and some new answers, it was a really good time, and you should totally give it a look.

Finally, for right now, Girl On Book Action (this is my new Journey cover band name) has posted a fabulous Feed review. Her review is long, detailed, and doesn't offer many pull quotes...although she does criticize the number of typos in the book. Oh, well, can't win 'em all.

That's it for today; look for another roundup coming soon, as I struggle to reclaim my link file.
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I feel like giving things away (I know you all love it when I do that). Specifically, I feel like giving away copies of the Toby Daye books. Want to win a book? Then come play my game. What game are we playing today?

Six word biography.

It's simple: leave a comment on this entry with a six word biography of yourself. They can be serious, silly, or anything in-between. Here are some examples for me:

"I've always been a cornfield girl."
"Halloweentown princess seeks candy corn, companionship."
"I did it all for dreaming."

Indicate which of the three books you're interested in. On Saturday, I'll use the random number generator to select three winners, one for each book. You can only win once, but you can ask for all three books, if that's what rings your chimes.

Game on!

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