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First, a…well, a disclaimer, if you will.  Some of you may be aware that Alice (my eight-year-old Maine Coon) is not doing very well.  I am thus more than a bit of a mess, and while I will still be attending the San Diego International Comic Convention (SDCC) this year, I may miss any specific program item with little notice.  You have my sincere apologies for this fact.  I wish things were different.



I will be roving the floor on Preview Night, and may have prizes for those who find me early!


Sixty Seconds with SFF Authors, 1:30pm, Horton Grand Theater.  Come see Paul Cornell try desperately to herd cats through this comic game of never shutting up.  Signing to follow.


Signing, California Browncoats, 2pm.

Signing, Penguin Random House booth, 5pm.  (Also swing by the booth for totally awesome and unique Toby Daye collectable boxes.  They’re for sale, and they’re awesome.)


Signing, Penguin Random House booth, 2pm.


How to Create Your Own Novel, 10:30am, Room 8.  I get to sit on a panel with David Gerrold.  Let’s see if I vibrate myself to death.  Signing to follow.

Fantasy Novels, 12:30pm, Room 8.  I live here today.  Signing to follow.

The Alien-Predator Expanded Universe, Room 5AB.  …and now I’m on a panel with Alan Dean Foster, I can die happy.  Signing to follow.  Then sleep.  Glorious sleep.

See you in San Diego!

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This weekend (by which we mean "Thursday through Sunday," because the weekend is a negotiable time period, and doesn't Thursday look fetching in that tiara?) you can catch me at Emerald City Comic-Con in scenic Seattle, Washington! Join me for thrills, chills, and a smashing good time!


Thursday night, come catch me a Shipwreck, where six great authors destroy one great work of literature. We're doing The Sandman. And I do mean doing. This is not an all-ages event. This is porn. I am a porn lord. Endless help me.

Friday, I'll be signing at the University Books booth (2pm) and the Penguin Random House booth (5pm), and then it's off to Worldbuilders for a fun night of gaming and merriment. Seats are limited but still available as I'm typing this!

Saturday, it's Geek Geek Revolution at 1:30pm and the Death of Belief at 4pm, both followed by signings.

Sunday, come see me at the University Books booth (1pm), and then at the Orbit Books panel (2:30pm). And then watch me run for freedom and the comforts of my own bed, because I expect to be exhausted.

I will have prizes with me every day of the con for folks who find me and answer the trivia questions I will be posting on Twitter. First-come, first-served.

See you there!
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I am in Iowa! I am enjoying the company of my adult friends, who are awesome, and their three-year-old, the Skeleton Girl, who is amazing. I am not the biggest fan of tiny humans, which is why I never elected to construct one of my own, but SG? Is the best tiny human. She's just amazing. I could play with her for hours. I have played with her for hours. So Iowa is awesome.

But! I came here for a con, and a con I shall have! This weekend in Cedar Rapids, the fun begins. Ain't no party like a corn state party, because in a corn state, I am at the height of my powers. BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID.


Pre-con signing event, 6pm. Before the con gets started, a bunch of the attending authors will be signing at the Cedar Rapids Barnes & Noble! No membership required. We hope to see you there.


DreamCon Introduction, 1pm. This special con-within-a-con for teens is aimed at teaching writing skills and improving understanding of the science fiction community.

DreamCon Community Building, 1:25pm.

DreamCon Ask Me Anything, 3:05pm.

Opening Ceremonies, 7pm. Let's get this party started!


Zombie Mania, 10am. Whee.

Flipping Fairy Tales, 2pm. Watch me throw things at Jim Hines for an hour while we pretend to be professionals!

Author/Artist Meet & Greet, 3pm. Way too early to start drinking.

GoH Interviews, 4pm. ...but maybe it's a really, really good idea anyway.

Round Robin, 9pm. Once upon a time, there was a girl named Seanan, and she stole her whole panel away to the corn...


In Conversation with Seanan, 11am. I have a moderator? So this is not really an In Conversation... so much as it is some sort of interview that I do not fully understand. There may be a mutiny.

Vogon Poetry/Bulwer-Lytton Contests, 2pm. Welp.

Closing Ceremonies, 3pm. Goodbye, everybody! See you in the corn!
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What: Post-NYCC Author Coffee Klatsch

When: Monday, October 10 at 11:00AM-1:00PM (revolving door event; guests do not need to arrive at a particular time)

Where: Random House offices—1745 Broadway, NYC 10019 (between 55th and 56th streets)

RSVP: Please RSVP to with “RSVP” in the subject line and the full names of everyone in your party in the e-mail body.

Details: Guests will sign in at the front desk upon arrival and security will direct them to the 2nd floor Club Room for coffee and mingling with authors. PRH will be stocking the first-in-series book for every attending author to sign and give away. Books will not be sold at this event. Readers are encouraged to bring any books they wish to be signed as there will be a limited supply of giveaway copies.

If you're in or around New York, I hope to see you there!
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Because it is written in the stars that 2016 should be a month of near-constant travel, I am about to hop on yet another plane and soar off to New York, where I will do business, hug people, and oh yeah, appear at New York Comic-Con, the East Coast's Geek Prom.

So where can you find me? Other than staring longingly at the Marvel editorial team, trying to literally will them into hiring me to relaunch the X-Men?


Mira Grant signing, 2pm, Orbit Booth. I don't actually have booth numbers, but it will be listed in the program/exhibitor guide as either "Orbit" or "Hachette Books," and I will gleefully sign things for you. With my actual hand!


Shipwreck, 8pm. This is a separately ticketed event, but believe me, you want to attend. Come and see several professional word people wreck a great book--in this case, The Princess Bride. Mara Wilson is our guest reader. This is also the launch for Loose Lips, the first ever Shipwreck collection. I wrote the introduction!


Scream Queens, 2pm, BookCon @ NYCC - 500 W 36th St. It's a Mira Grant panel, which means it's a party in a haunted house while the corn is closing in. Come for the fun, stay because we won't let you leave.

Signing, 3:15pm, BookCon @ NYCC 6th Floor autographing area. We will sign things, and probably not eat you.


Seanan McGuire signing, 2pm, Penguin booth. Again, I do not have booth numbers, but this one should be listed in the program book as "Penguin Random House." Come see me, and I'll congratulate you on surviving the convention!
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Lo and behold, on September 10th, I will be returning to Borderlands Books for the Once Broken Faith release party! This will be a slightly stripped-down event, for the sake of logistics: the Traveling Circus will return in March. But as always, Borderlands means cupcakes during the break, and that's when you come in. Specifically...

If you are planning to attend the book event, have a dietary restriction (vegan, gluten-free, specific allergies), and would like to enjoy a cupcake, please let me know before Thursday, September 8th. Not all dietary restrictions can be accounted for (for example, if you're gluten-sensitive to parts-per-million, the cross-contamination risk is too high for me to tell you that the cupcakes are safe; there's wheat flour in the bakery), but I can at least try. Comment here to notify me of a dietary issue.

Because there is an increased charge for vegan, dairy-free, etc., I only order cupcakes to account for dietary restrictions I have been informed of. Please do not assume that because you came to the last event, and there were vegan cupcakes, that I will automatically have vegan cupcakes. You need to tell me before I place the order if it's going to happen. (In a related note, please do not request special cupcakes if you're not sure that you're going to be there. Again, there is an increased charge for "non standard" cupcakes, and while I want to accommodate everyone, I can only afford to take care of people who will actually be attending the event.)

See you very soon!
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It's time for bullet-point updates! Hooray!

* Tomorrow (Tuesday, June 21st) marks the release of RISE, the complete Newsflesh short fiction collection. This book gathers everything from "Everglades" through Please Do Not Taunt the Octopus, along with two never-before-published pieces, All the Pretty Little Horses and Coming to You Live. It's not intended as an introduction to the world--at least four of the novellas are post-the original trilogy, which makes them great whopping slices of spoiler--but I'm incredibly proud of this material, and over the moon about finally having a short fiction collection of my very own. I feel like Stephen King. It's pretty awesome.

* Today is the last day of the Unicorn Empire T-shirt pre-sale for their gorgeous Toby Daye design. Don't miss out!

* CrossingsCon is this weekend! The first ever Young Wizards fan convention, and I'm one of their guests of honor! I keep closing my eyes and remembering standing in my middle school library with So You Want to Be a Wizard in my hand, and I'll be honest: I feel like a wizard right now. In Life's name, and for Life's sake, I feel like a wizard. Because somehow, I have willed the adulthood I wanted into being, and for all that it's not perfect, it's the imperfection that makes it all seem real.

Everything is amazing.
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I will be at the Kinokuniya Books at 1073 Avenue of the Americas this coming Saturday from 3:00pm until we're done! The plan has me reading from Every Heart a Doorway before chatting merrily with whoever shows up, answering questions, and getting distracted by Pokemon.

I hope to see you there!
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By this time tomorrow morning, I will be at the San Francisco International Airport, drinking overpriced airport beverages and waiting for my 8am flight to New York. I will have kissed my cats goodbye and walked through the Bay Area house for what will be, in many ways, the last time: when I get back from New York, the house will still be here, but everything I own will be gone, packed up and pulled down and shoved into the moving truck, already making its way up the coast.

From June 3rd to June 28th, I will be on the East Coast, doing business (numbers, numbers, math math math), doing pleasure (people who know how badly I need to be distracted from what's happening in California have made sure I will have many good distractions), doing appearances (I will be at the Manhattan Kinokuniya on June 11th; details are here: ), and doing conventions (CrossingsCon, in Newark, New Jersey, with my beloved Mark Oshiro).

Things I will not be doing: mailing stuff. All my stuff will be a) on the West Coast, and b) in a moving truck. Replying to email with anything resembling alacrity. Sleeping much, between "New York in June" and "did I mention people are touching all my stuff and my cats are very far away?". Breathing.

If you're in the New York area, I hope to get a chance to see you this trip (looking at you, The Swarm). If you're not, please be patient with me while I navigate what has been a huge and stressful endeavor, but which seems to be coming, finally, thankfully, to a blessed end.
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I'm off to Kansas City, and ConQuest! A city I've never been to before, and a con I've never been to before! It's an adventure! (Note, before the comments can start: no, I am not going to WorldCon this year. I'm moving instead. All conventions I am attending are listed here, in the inchworm girl posts, and on the front page of my website. So this is your only Kansas City chance to see me.)

Wanna know where to catch me? Well...


The Making of a Great Hero/Heroine, 5:00pm. "Writers discuss what attributes successful heroes and heroines should and often have." This can't possibly end badly!

Opening Ceremonies, 7:00pm. Now, those of you who have seen me during one of these things, you know I have a good time. And since I'm sadly missing closing ceremonies due to the timing of my flight, you should try to make this.


Surviving the Apocalypse, 11:00am. "Listen to panelists come up with a plan for surviving an apocalypse be it zombie or other. You'll want to bring a notebook..." Note that I am much more likely to be the cause of the apocalypse.

How To Become A Published Author, 2:00pm. "Authors and editors discuss the road to success in publishing." Yup.

Autographing, 4:00pm. What it says on the tin!


The Worlds of Seanan McGuire, 10:00am. "Hugo-nominated editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt will discuss the works of Seanan McGuire with Seanan." They were smart and made sure this panel was being conducted by one of my editors, which means it's waaaaaaaay less likely that I set something on fire. Shucks.

I hope I get to see you there! I'll have ribbons!
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It's almost time for Marcon, Columbus, Ohio's own genre extravaganza! I'm their Author Guest of Honor this year...but where can you find me? Well.


5:30PM, Union C: "Writing Non-Human Characters."

7:00PM, Union E: "You Got Your Song in My Book! You Got Your Book in My Song!"


1:00PM, Battelle South: Seanan McGuire in concert, featuring Dead Sexy! This is one of my favorite iterations of my ever-shifting backing band, and we are going to blow your socks off. Like, seriously, if you only come to one of my events this weekend, this should be the one.

5:30PM, Fairfield: "In Conversation With Seanan McGuire." It's the usual gig: you ask me questions and I will answer them, which means the quality of the event is entirely up to you. Show up, ask me stuff, and find out what kind of ridiculous reptile stories I'll tell while in the grips of an adrenaline crash after my concert.


11:30AM, Regency Ballroom: Autograph Session.

ISFIC will have copies of the new Velveteen book for sale, along with everything else they have to offer; we'll have CDs and some of the remaining T-shirt stock (rarities all!) at the concert merchandise table.

Hope to see you there!
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I will be appearing at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, California tomorrow at 6pm, to celebrate the release of Every Heart a Doorway! Le gasp!

I will have the last of the lovely promo postcards did for the book, in case you missed them before; I will also have a special surprise reading that no one has heard before.

If you are unable to attend, remember that Borderlands does mail order, and would be happy to send you a signed (and even personalized, if you so desire) copy. They ship all over the world, and have very reasonable postage rates.

I hope to see you there!
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If you're in the San Francisco area and looking for an adventure, may I suggest you spend tomorrow night, Thursday, April 21st, at the downstairs room of the Armory Club, enjoying a delightful evening with Inside Storytime? Where else can you get me, Charlie Jane Anders, Daryl Gregory, and other people who I don't know but who are probably incredibly cool, all in the same place?

The event begins at 7:00pm at the Armory Club (1799 Mission St.). There is a five dollar cover. Come for the stories, stay because the building is surrounded by terrifying wasps the size of puppies and no one who goes outside comes back again.
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Hello, happy people! It's time for Emerald City Comic-con, Seattle's largest gathering of pop culture nerds in one building! Like, if the alien invasion comes this weekend, we're screwed. Anyway, if your boots are on the ground in Seattle, and you want to know where to find me, have I got the schedule for you.


I have no official programming! Hooray! So I will be wandering the show floor, seeing people, spending money, and remembering that I am a fan first, and an unstoppable alien terror second.


The Orbit Books Panel. 2:45 PM, Room W603. Come join me and a host of other Orbit authors as we talk about the company, our works, and our plans for the future. Also whether harvesting the humans of Earth for food is really a sustainable invasion practice.


Signing at University Books. 3:00 PM, Booth 5100. Come get things signed! I like signing things.


Crafting Characters in Science Fiction and Fantasy. 12:00 PM, Room W603. A good story is nothing without great characters, and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to the tales woven in science fiction and fantasy books. Come and hear authors Peter Orullian (Trial of Intentions), Seanan McGuire (October Daye, InCryptid), Patrick Rothfuss (The Kingkiller Chronicles), Peter Brett (The Demon Cycle), and Bob Proehl (A Hundred Thousand Worlds) talk about what goes into creating a great literary character. Moderated by Paul Constant of the Seattle Review of Books. Y'all, I am super excited about this: Bob Proehl's A Hundred Thousand Worlds is one of the best books I've read so far in 2016.

Signing. 1:15 PM, Autographing Table 29. We'll sign things!

Hope to see you at the con!
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I am excited and ecstatic and overjoyed to remind you all that I will be appearing at San Francisco's own Booksmith on Monday, April 4th for the launch party of my newest novella, Every Heart a Doorway.

The story of what happens on the other side of the portal fantasy, Every Heart a Doorway follows the students of Eleanor West's Home for Wayward Children as they try to deal with the reality of their pasts, presents, and futures. And a little bit of murder, naturally.

The fun begins at 7:30pm; RSVPs are appreciated but not required. There will be books for sale. Signed, personalized books can also be ordered through the Booksmith website.

It all begins with a doorway...
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It's time for Minicon, the annual convention of the Minnesota Science Fiction Society! I am this year's Guest of Honor, and I'm feeling fancy. So where can you find me?


Guest of Honor Reception, 8:00 PM, Ballroom. Come and meet the guests! Including me! Except a lot of blank smiling and hand-shaking, since I will still be all turned around after my flight from California. It's a party!


It's Tough To Be An Introvert These Days: Promotion in the Days of Social Media, 5:30 PM, Ver 3/4. Ahem: "Artists in many fields and are notoriously introverted, but must be able to promote themselves on social media. How has social media changed the promotion of a creator's work? What are some effective strategies for self-promotion that don't feel like self-aggrandizement? What's so bad about self-aggrandizement?" So basically, it's the "how to talk about yourself when it makes you uncomfortable" panel. Yay!

Opening Ceremonies, 7:00 PM, Ballroom. LET THE WILD RUMPUS BEGIN.

How to Survive a Horror Movie, 10:00 PM, Krushenko's. "Well now you've gone and done it, or somebody in your Scooby gang has ... you're now in the middle of a monster movie plot. How do you avoid doing something incredibly stupid that is going to result in making you a tasty, late-night snack? What gear do you need to scrounge up to be able to make it until daybreak? Should you split up (duh)?" Apparently, no one told these nice folks that the best way not to survive a horror movie was to refuse to let me sleep.


Seanan McGuire's Kaffee Klatsch, 10:00 AM, Bar. Okay. The blurb I have for this says "in conversation." Around here, "in conversation" means something specific, and this is not that. This is a Kaffee Klatsch. Sign up if you want to talk to me, in the company of a small group of people, for about an hour. Please do not sign up if you want to attend an "In Conversation...", as this is not that. I'm sorry.

GoH Interview, 11:30AM, Ver 3/4. I dunno who's interviewing me.

Psi Phy - Mental-Based Superpowers in Comics, 2:30 PM, Krushenko's. Quote: "Psionics used to be huge in written SF, but appeared to drop in popularity in the late 20th century. However, in graphic media such as X-Men, psionic concepts such as Professor Xavier's telepathy and Psylocke's psychokinesis are readily accepted. Was this due to the counterculture of the 1960s when such stories originated, rites of passage for teens, or something else?" Thrill as I try to make people's heads explode with my mind.

Parasitology, 5:30 PM, Krushenko's. "Parasites! Parasites! Parasites! Micro-organisms! What are the pros and cons of having a microbial symbiont in a person? What defines a parasites? How much knowledge do we not have about parasites? What's the difference between a parasite, a virus, a symbiote, and bacteria? Probiotics and Antibiotics fight it out! Two microbes enter! One parasite leaves!" I...what?

What's to Love About Horror?, 10:00 PM, Krushenko's. "It can be argued that horror is one of the more maligned sub-genres of SF. Why is it so underloved? What do horror fans enjoy about a scary story? What makes a good horror story? Why is dark fantasy still relevant, and how do the monsters of an era reflect culture? Which tropes still work, and which tropes need to be bludgeoned with an ax?" I'm not sure if this is "let's give them lots of room in the panel topic," or whether it's "let's see who hits who with a chair first."


Mermaids, Sirens, Selkies, and Other Water Creatures and Spirits, 10:30 AM, Krushenko's. "Oceanic water creatures have captured the imagination of humans since antiquity, as well as fresh lake mythological creatures. What are the differences between types of water spririts, such as Naiads, Nereids, and Rusalka? Why have some been portrayed as benign and others as dangerous?" Does it live in the ocean? Yes? THEN IT CAN DROWN YOU DO NOT ANNOY IT.

Interact with the Fae? Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be!, 1:30 PM, Krushenko's. "What are faeries? What are the rules of proper interaction with members of the Fae, especially the Seelie and Unseelie Courts? What types of behavior are especially condemned by the Fair Folk? What means of protection can mere mortals use? How does a creator make meaningful interactions for fae?" I am not responsible if you come to this panel and then get yourself turned into a donkey.

Closing Ceremonies, 3:00 PM, Ballroom. I'mma nap on stage.
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Sometimes sitting on news is hard.

I mean, part of my job involves not telling people things until I'm given permission. I'm bad at remembering who I've said what to, and so usually, I just tell people everything, sometimes eleven times; that isn't always an option these days. I have to accept that it's not lying when I refuse to talk about embargoed information. Sometimes I have to accept that it's not lying even when it is, when people go "hey, do you know anything about ________?" and then respond to "I'm not allowed to say" with a smug grin and a "that means yes!"

Silence doesn't always mean "yes," but sometimes people thinking they've tricked me into saying something one way or another can mean that the thing doesn't happen, because now I've run my mouth off and can't be trusted and so I'm off the project. So I sit on news, and I say nothing whenever possible, and I tell absence of information lies when I'm backed into a corner, and I twitch a lot.

Here's my latest point of twitchy goodness:


Me! A Special Guest! At the con I've been attending since I was sixteen! Me! I AM A FANCY LADY AND I AM MAKING A NOISE THAT ONLY BATS CAN HEAR!!!

Sitting on this one was hard. But wow, was it worth it.
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Come see me this Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at the Concord, California Half-Price Books! I'll be signing (and selling author's copies) until the cows come home!

...yeah, this is a short post. Oh, well. Hope to see you there.
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Next weekend will find me in Dallas, Texas, where I'll be appearing alongside my beloved John Scalzi as Guest of Honor at ConDFW! Updates to the schedule will appear on the website (and may not appear here, depending on my internet access), but here's my basic plan:


3:00PM, Madison: "Google Maps is Your Urban Fantasy Guide." Join me, along with Gloria Oliver (M), Paul Black, Sue Sinor, and Bradley H. Sinor, as we talk about finding the perfect location for an urban fantasy story. I know none of these people, and I'll still be adjusting to a new time zone, so this should be fun!

5:00PM, Jefferson: "Reading." Right. Apparently, I'm going to "treat" people with a reading from my work. Given how much I hate readings, this is unlikely to actually happen; show up and see what I do instead!

7:00PM, Jefferson: "Opening Ceremonies!" John Scalzi and I get into a slap fight while the con chair tries in vain to control us.


10:00AM, Jefferson: "Don't Quit Your Day Job!" This is a con that loves its exclamation points. Join me, Marshall Ryan Maresca (M), Kathy Turski, Rachael Acks, Melia Newman, and Sue Sinor as we talk about what actually goes into earning a living in a creative field, and what's necessary to survive until that happens.

12:00PM, The Gallery: Signing. I will just be signing. Things. If there's not a filk dealer, this will also be where I sell CDs out of my backpack.

2:00PM, Jefferson: "Q&A with Seanan McGuire." Someone I have never met is going to ask me questions! Because that never goes poorly for anyone!

4:00PM, Jefferson: "Magic vs Technology II: Exploring Technology in Urban Fantasy." This is part two of a panel where part one happened last year, so I'm going to, I don't know, horn in on the party and maybe take a nap beneath the table? Or build a rocket out of paperclips, I guess. Come see me get confused.

6:00PM, Jackson: "Celebrity Artemis." I get to drive a spaceship. Hopefully I can be the science officer. We'll find out!


12:00PM, Hamilton: "The Wand of Deus Ex Machina." Join me, Kristi Hutson (M), Michael Ashleigh Finn, Paul Black, and Bradley H. Sinor as we talk about that time one of my high school GMs wouldn't let my character have a machete, even though you could totally buy one at the local flea market for five dollars, so he was just being a jerk because I wouldn't go out with him.

2:00PM, Hamilton: "Location, Location, Location: House of Horrors." Join me, Katherine Sanger (M), Michelle Muenzler, Aaron de Orive, and Jeff Dawson as we talk about scary places. Like that awesome abandoned slaughterhouse in Tuscon, AZ, where I made my GoH handler take me before dinner.

3:00PM, Jefferson: "Intelligence is Overrated." Thrill as I probably miss what sounds like a really interesting panel about protagonist psychology to run for the airport!

Will I see you at the con?
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If you're at all aware of the U.S. musical theater scene (and there's a sentence), you've probably heard of a show called Hamilton. In case you haven't: it is, quite literally, a musical about the life, career, and death of Alexander Hamilton, the first United States Secretary of the Treasury. I...yeah. If you were to make a list of "historical figures about whom a musical should be written," Alexander Hamilton probably wouldn't make the top fifty. He is, sadly, too obscure (or was until very recently); most people think of him as "the dude on the ten-dollar bill," if they even know that dude's name.

So it was a bit of a shock to basically everyone when suddenly Hamilton became the hottest ticket on Broadway. Written by Lin Manuel-Miranda, who had previously written In the Heights and contributed to Bring It On: The Musical, the show seemed to go from zero to ABSOLUTELY FUCKING EVERYWHERE. Several of my friends became obsessed. As is often the case with the people I tend to surround myself with, they began talking about it constantly.

Have I told you about the power of my irritation?

See, when something starts to annoy me, I have a very narrow window to learn to like it or wind up hating it forever. As I was about to go to New York, I declared my intent to see Hamilton, so as to keep myself from hating it. Several people pointed out that it was, you know, sold out until next year. Whatever, I replied. I was going to see it.

Come the day we had reserved for Hamilton-going, Diana and I went to the theater, where she already had a friend at the front of the cancellation line. Said friend was able to get us three tickets at face value (one for each of us, one for herself). Sarah and Katie joined us, and put their names in for the lottery. Now, when you do a show lottery, the popularity of the show pretty much decides your chances. A show like Hamilton means they're not...good. So we're standing there as the names are being drawn, and name after name does not belong to any member of our party.

"This is our last draw for the night," announces Daveed Diggs (Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson)...and reads Sarah's name. Our entire group makes a terrifying, drawn-out screeching noise, like we have been possessed by the spirits of every velociraptor currently in residence at the Museum of Natural History.

The five of us proceed to a local Italian place for dinner, bolt our spaghetti, and meet up with Josh in line. Josh has secured a ticket through the simple, if nerve-wracking expedient of waiting for the StubHub prices to drop back to "just trying to recoup my investment" levels, and then running from their last-minute ticket office to meet us. So yes. The power of my spite* got six people into a completely sold-out show at the last minute, all with good seats, no one paying scalper prices. Behold the power of spite.

(*Odd as this may seem as an ordinary superpower, I have never lost a ticket lottery. Either I or someone in my immediate group has always won. It's weird, but useful.)

Hamilton is very simply staged: there are few props, even fewer sets. It's mostly just stark wood and people implying their surroundings through context. The cast is intentionally diverse, representing America as it is today through the faces on the stage. And it never stops. Not for one second. Even the slow moments are fast by the standards of most shows.

I hoped to like Hamilton. I didn't expect to love it. I certainly didn't expect to sob through great swaths of it. The soundtrack is available now, and there is so little speech in the show that just listening to it is more than enough; you'll get basically the whole show.

But I am so glad I got to be in the room where it happens.

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