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The Random Number Generator has spoken, and the winners of The Brightest Fell are…

Dina, who loves Toby!

Rafe B., who also loves Toby (the RNG chose #1, I was delighted)!

Corinne Pierson, who loves Spike!

If you were chosen by the RNG, please send me an email via my website contact form, including your name, the character you chose, and your mailing address. I will be going to the Post Office at 2pm PST on Wednesday, August 16th: if I don’t have an email from you by that time, you will forfeit your prize.

More giveaways to come, now that we have the capability again!

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…although the brightest fell.

All right, everybody, it’s time for an ARC giveaway!  Now, these posts originally go up on my blog, which is located at, and are mirrored from there to DreamWidth.  In order to make things easier on myself, and keep from losing things, only comments on the original blog post, not the mirror, will be considered entries.  So:

I am giving away three (3) copies of The Brightest Fell.  To enter, please…

  1. Comment on this post.  Top-level comments only; replies to someone else’s comments are not eligible to win.

  2. Indicate whether you are in the US or international.  If international, indicate willingness to pay postage.

  3. Name your favorite Toby-verse character.

Three winners will be chosen via RNG on Monday, August 14th.  Again, only comments on the root-level WordPress blog will be eligible to win.

Game on!

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So…guess what.

I am over the moon to be able to announce that I (as Mira Grant) have been invited to become one of the newest authors working in the Star Wars setting.  And wow, was that a difficult secret to keep heading into San Diego Comic-Con (as well as being one of the reasons that I had to go despite Alice’s illness).

I am so excited, and so delighted, and feeling like this is such a step forward for me (and maybe a step toward the X-Men).  I have a lot of NDAs in place, so I can’t really say anything about the story apart from “I am writing one.”  Here is the article from Entertainment Weekly:

We’re heading for a galaxy far, far away!

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First, a…well, a disclaimer, if you will.  Some of you may be aware that Alice (my eight-year-old Maine Coon) is not doing very well.  I am thus more than a bit of a mess, and while I will still be attending the San Diego International Comic Convention (SDCC) this year, I may miss any specific program item with little notice.  You have my sincere apologies for this fact.  I wish things were different.



I will be roving the floor on Preview Night, and may have prizes for those who find me early!


Sixty Seconds with SFF Authors, 1:30pm, Horton Grand Theater.  Come see Paul Cornell try desperately to herd cats through this comic game of never shutting up.  Signing to follow.


Signing, California Browncoats, 2pm.

Signing, Penguin Random House booth, 5pm.  (Also swing by the booth for totally awesome and unique Toby Daye collectable boxes.  They’re for sale, and they’re awesome.)


Signing, Penguin Random House booth, 2pm.


How to Create Your Own Novel, 10:30am, Room 8.  I get to sit on a panel with David Gerrold.  Let’s see if I vibrate myself to death.  Signing to follow.

Fantasy Novels, 12:30pm, Room 8.  I live here today.  Signing to follow.

The Alien-Predator Expanded Universe, Room 5AB.  …and now I’m on a panel with Alan Dean Foster, I can die happy.  Signing to follow.  Then sleep.  Glorious sleep.

See you in San Diego!

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Every Heart a Doorway has been shortlisted for the British Fantasy Awards!  This is…

Oh my gosh, this is huge.  It’s genuinely an honor to be considered, and this is a shortlist I’ve never made before.  I am touched and excited and delighted and overwhelmed.


This is so exciting.

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Sometime in the past few days–between the end of June and the start of July, between the anniversary of my return from New York and the anniversary of my betraying my cats utterly by shoving them into a carrier and heading for the horizon–we quietly passed the one-year anniversary of my move to the Seattle area.

I will be honest: I was nervous as all hell when the time came for moving.  I had been looking forward to this move for years, ever since the Christmas I’d spent squirreled away in Vixy’s dining room trying to reconstruct my heart from the echoes of a very bad breakup.  Seattle is where I keep the bulk of my physical friends, where I know I can find someone to hold onto if I need them.  But there are things about the Bay Area I love too, things I knew I would miss, some moveable and some not.  Kate and Chris could come and visit me when I was gone.  My comic book store and my dentist could not.

(Borderlands Books, one of my heart’s homes, sort of falls between the two.  Alan and Jude could come visit if they had time, and I have a guest room now if they’re ever in the area.  The store itself, not so much.)

But I missed rain, and frogs, and having a social life that included more than two people.  I was no longer in a stable local living situation, and I couldn’t afford a house large enough for me and my mother in the Bay Area real estate market.  I wanted to go.  I needed to go.

I went.

I am so happy I did.

My house–my house, no one else’s, which I bought using money I made from telling stories, which is all I’ve ever wanted to do–is my home now.  My bedroom walls are orange.  My cats are happy.  My housemates, who live with me because they want to, who help keep the lights on, are pleasant and fun and have lives of their own, allowing me to travel and retreat as I need to.  My mother is thriving.  I am thriving.  I go back to the Bay Area to do appearances at Borderlands and to see my dentist, and I love where I live now.

One year in Seattle.  No regrets.

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Thanks to the tireless efforts of my beloved Chris (who really puts up with a lot), we now have me migrated to WordPress, with cross-posting to DreamWidth.  I will be locking down the old LJ account shortly, and will then proceed to make everyone clutch their heads and weep by reposting a selection of “greatest hits” to populate this blog.  So that’s going to be fun!  Look forward to that.  Or, you know, don’t.

Expect weirdness for the next little while as I get used to things, but…blogging’s back on.  So that’s nice.

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The 2017 Hugo Awards ballot is now live, and I am stunned and honored and delighted to announce that I am on it not once, but twice.

Every Heart a Doorway has been nominated for Best Novella. This is the book of my heart: this is the one I look at and dare to hope for, because I want it so badly, and I am so touched by its inclusion. Thank you to everyone who has looked at this little book and thought "how far can we help it go?" We have gone so far.

But that's not the stunner.

The stunner is that this year is the first time the Hugos have featured a category for Best Series. It's a trial run, a test, for a way to honor books and settings that work best in the context they create for themselves. Book eleven of something ongoing may not be the best candidate for Best Novel, but it may be part of something that, overall, is just as glorious.

And October Daye is up for Best Series.

I am stunned. I am overjoyed. I am not going to win--but winning isn't always the point. I have been given this honor, and I am not giving it back.

Thank you all so very, very much.

I will do my best not to let you down.
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So I am utterly delighted to be returning to Borderlands Books in San Francisco, California this coming Saturday, March 25th, where I will be celebrating the release of Magic For Nothing alongside the fabulous Mishell Baker, who is celebrating the release of Phantom Pains. In my case, that's the new InCryptid; in her case, it's the new Arcadia Project; in both cases, it's guaranteed to be a good time.

With two authors and double the word-y goodness, we're not bringing the full band this event (also, we accidentally scheduled it on top of Consonance, which means most of the band is busy anyway). We will have a raffle, and if the cupcake place gets back to me, we'll have cupcakes (no answer as yet). On the off chance that we don't, remember that the cafe sells delicious baked goods, and would be happy to hook you up with something yummy.

The event will begin at 5pm. If you can't make it, please contact the bookstore ahead of time to place an order for a signed, personalized book: we're happy to hook you up. I'm collecting raffle prizes and packing my bags, and I can't wait to see you all!


Roll on San Francisco!
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Georgia Mason is fighting hard in this year's Unbound Cage Match, and she needs your help.

It's a simple scroll to the bottom and click to vote, and I really want to see Georgia make the finals. Can you imagine the Georgia Mason vs. Harry Dresden snark party? Because I can. Oh, yes, I can.

Please vote if you have a second.
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It's almost time: this weekend I will be a guest at the one and only (and sadly final) AnomalyCon in Denver, Colorado. I...keep swearing I'll never go back to Denver, on account of how I get blazingly terrible altitude sickness, and then I keep going back because people ask nicely. But this still could be the last time!

Where will I be?

Friday, catch me at "Reinventing the Wheelchair" at 6pm in Mesa Verde C, or at "Sex in Young Adult Fiction" at 7pm in Windstar A.

Saturday, find me at "Submitting to the Process" at 10am in Wind River B, "Future Accessibility" at 11am in Windstar A, "Writing Villains" at 6pm in Mesa Verde A, or at "Hell Hath No Fury" at 7pm in Wind River A.

There might be additions to my schedule, so check your program book (and don't ask here, as I have no guarantee about how much internet access I'll have). And of course I'll be signing and smiling and looking faintly confused by the lack of oxygen all weekend long.

Come on down!
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Finally, I am at liberty to reveal a secret I have been keeping and gnawing on for far too long (and which was, in its own way, the reason the current projects posts had to be put on unannounced hiatus):

The Atargatis was lost with all hands. It's time to go back out to sea.

Into the Drowning Deep is a full-length follow-up to my novella, "Rolling in the Deep." Set seven years later, it follows the crew of the Melusine as they set out to discover, once and for all, what really happened when the sea was filled with light and the wind offered no safety.

I am so excited.

I am excited for a lot of reasons. Mermaids; science; murder. The best things in life.

Into the Drowning Deep will be released in November 2017, and can be pre-ordered now from a major retailer or independent bookseller near you.
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To celebrate the release of Magic For Nothing, here. Have an open thread to discuss the book. Judging by the comments I'm seeing, some of you have had time, and I'd really, really rather book discussion (sometimes including spoilers) didn't crop up on other posts.


Seriously. If anyone comments here at all, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. So please don't read and then yell at me because you encountered spoilers. You were warned. (I will not reply to every comment; I call partial comment amnesty. But I may well join some of the discussion, or answer questions or whatnot.) I will be DELETING all comments containing spoilers which have been left on other posts. No one gets to spoil people here without a label.

You can also start a discussion at my website forums, with less need to be concerned that I will see everything you say! In case you wanted, you know, discussion free of authorial influence, since I always wind up getting involved in these things.

Have fun, and try not to bleed on the carpet.
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As of today, Magic For Nothing is officially available from bookstores all over North America, and from import stores all over the world. It's been spotted in the wild from California to New York, with several points between also chiming in to let me know that they've got copies. Hooray!

Since it's release week, I figured it was time to once again answer the wonderful people asking how they can help. So here are a few dos and don'ts for making this book launch awesome.

DO buy the book as soon as you can. Sales during the first week are very important—think of it as "opening weekend" for a movie—but they're not the end-all be-all. If you can get the book tomorrow, get the book; if you can get it at my book release party later this month, get it at my book release party. Whatever works for you. Brick-and-mortar store purchases are best, as they encourage reordering. If you've already bought the book, consider buying the book again during release week, as a single copy might get lonely. They make great gifts!

DON'T yell at other people who haven't bought the book yet. I know, that's sort of a "why are you saying this?" statement, but I got a very sad email from a teenager who'd been yelled at for not buying A Local Habitation the week that it came out, and I have never forgotten it. So just be chill. Unless you want to buy books for people who don't have them, in which case, don't yell, just buy.

DO ask your local bookstore if they have it on order. If your local store is part of a large chain, such as Barnes and Noble, the odds are good that the answer will be "yes," and that they'll be more than happy to hold one for you. If your local store is small, and does not focus specifically on science fiction/fantasy, they may have been waiting to see signs of interest before placing an order. Get interested! Interest is awesome!

DON'T berate your local bookseller if they say "no." Telling people they're overlooking something awesome doesn't make them go "gosh, I see the error of my ways." It makes them go "well, I guess it can be awesome without me." Suggest. Ask if you can special-order a copy. But don't be nasty to people just because their shelves can't hold every book ever written.

DO post reviews on your blog or on Reviews are fantastic! Reviews make everything better! Please, write and post a review, even if it's just "I liked it." Honestly, even if it's just "this wasn't really my thing." As long as you're being fair and reasoned in your commentary, I'm thrilled. (I like to believe you won't all race right out to post one-star reviews, but if that's what you really think, I promise that I won't be mad.)

DON'T get nasty at people who post negative reviews. You are all people. You all have a right to the ball. That includes people who don't like my work. Please don't argue with negative reviewers on my behalf. It just makes everybody sad. If you really think someone's being unfair, why don't you post your own review, to present an alternate perspective? (Also, please don't email me my Amazon reviews. I don't read them, I don't want to read them, and I definitely don't want to be surprised with them. Please have mercy.)

DO feel free to get multiple copies. No, you probably don't need eight copies for your permanent collection, but remember that libraries, school libraries, and shelters are always in need of books. I'm donating a few of my author's copies to a local women's shelter, because they get a lot of women there who really need the escape. There are also people who just can't afford their own copies, and would be delighted. I wouldn't have had half the library I did as a teenager if it weren't for the kindness of the people around me.

DON'T feel obligated to get multiple copies, or pressure other people to do so. Seriously, we're all on budgets, and too much aggressive press can actually turn people off on a good thing. Let people make their own choices. Have faith.

DO check with your local library to be sure they have a copy of on order. If they don't, you can fill out a library request form. Spread the paperback love!

DON'T forget that libraries need books. Many libraries, especially on the high school level, are really strapped for cash right now, and book donations are frequently tax deductible. If you have a few bucks to spare, you can improve the world on multiple levels by donating books to your local public and high school libraries.

DO suggest the book to bookstore employees who like urban fantasy and talking mice. Nothing boosts sales like having people in the stores who really like a project. If your Cousin Danny (or Dani) works at a bookstore, say "Hey, why don't you give this a try?" It just might help.

DON'T rearrange bookstore displays. If the staff of my local bookstore is constantly being forced to deal with fixing the shelves after someone "helpfully" rearranged things to give their chosen favorites a better position, they're unlikely to feel well inclined toward that book—or author. It's not a good thing to piss off the bookstores. Let's just not.

So those are some things. I'm sure there are lots of other things to consider; this is, at least, a start. Finally, a few things that don't help the book, but do help the me:

Please don't expect immediate email response from me for anything short of "you promised us this interview, it runs tomorrow, where are your answers?" I normally make an effort to be a semi-competent correspondent, but with a new book on shelves and final edits due on an unnamed project, a lot of things are falling by the wayside. Like sleep.

If you're in the Bay Area, I hope to see you March 25th at Borderlands Books, where I will be reading, signing, and running a raffle for your enjoyment, along with Mishell Baker!

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This weekend (by which we mean "Thursday through Sunday," because the weekend is a negotiable time period, and doesn't Thursday look fetching in that tiara?) you can catch me at Emerald City Comic-Con in scenic Seattle, Washington! Join me for thrills, chills, and a smashing good time!


Thursday night, come catch me a Shipwreck, where six great authors destroy one great work of literature. We're doing The Sandman. And I do mean doing. This is not an all-ages event. This is porn. I am a porn lord. Endless help me.

Friday, I'll be signing at the University Books booth (2pm) and the Penguin Random House booth (5pm), and then it's off to Worldbuilders for a fun night of gaming and merriment. Seats are limited but still available as I'm typing this!

Saturday, it's Geek Geek Revolution at 1:30pm and the Death of Belief at 4pm, both followed by signings.

Sunday, come see me at the University Books booth (1pm), and then at the Orbit Books panel (2:30pm). And then watch me run for freedom and the comforts of my own bed, because I expect to be exhausted.

I will have prizes with me every day of the con for folks who find me and answer the trivia questions I will be posting on Twitter. First-come, first-served.

See you there!
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Our latest round of ARC winners are...

[ profile] l_o_lostshadows
[ profile] anna_sinistra
[ profile] ladypembroke

Please send your mailing addresses, along with your LJ handles (so I know it's you claiming your prize) via my website contact form by Wednesday March 1st.

It's almost book day!
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It's almost time for Magic for Nothing, and I have three more ARCs to give away! So if you'd like to win one, just...

1. Comment here.
2. Tell the RNG why you should win.
3. Indicate if you are international, and if so,
4. Indicate your willingness to pay postage.

That's all!

Three winners will be chosen on Monday, February 27th, two by the random number generator, and one according to my whim.

Game on!
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Last Thursday, while in a car on the way to Half-Price Books, my phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number, and so I answered warily, all too aware of the various scams people are currently conducting. "Hello," said a woman. "I'm looking for Seanan McGuire?"

"May I ask who's calling?"

She identified herself as from SFWA (the Science Fiction Writers of America). I identified myself as Seanan. Lots of identification happened, all while I was going "no, this can't be what I want it to be, because that doesn't happen."

She said, "I am pleased to let you know that your novella, Every Heart a Doorway, has been nominated for a Nebula Award."

I made a noise that only bats could hear. The driver did not run us off the road. The woman laughed. I said the right, polite things. I hung up.

I cried.

This is the first time I have ever been nominated for a Nebula Award (if you don't know what that is, details are here). I have wanted one for as long as I could remember, since I was a little girl and reading anthologies and authors with that amazing word on the cover. And now I'm nominated.

I am so happy.
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Title: Velveteen vs. Recovery.
Summary: What happens to a child superhero who finds that after everything she has done, everything she has goes on?

As a rule, life at the Crystal Glitter Unicorn Cloud Castle followed a fairly strict set of guidelines... )
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My apologies for the delay: we had a fairly heavy snowfall yesterday, which would have been fine if we hadn't needed to collect my sister from the airport. All is well, and as several of you squeaked in last-minute entries, I figure we're good. Now, the winners!

The random number generator has spoken, and our three winners of ARCs of Magic For Nothing are...

[ profile] snippy
[ profile] carlamlee
[ profile] kdsorceress

If your name is on this list, please contact me via my website contact form within the next 24 hours. Include your mailing address, your LJ handle, and the nature of the prize you are claiming.


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